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Barrister Mortgages

Award-winning expert mortgage advisors providing a highly personal service to Barristers and Legal Professionals since 2006. Available to Barristers who are registered with the BAR Council and practising in the UK.

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Whether you have just completed your Pupillage, have just one year’s accounts, or you are an experienced Barrister or QC applying for a mortgage with a UK lender can be a frustrating process. The main reason for this is because most mainstream lenders now use algorithms to underwrite mortgage applications.

This means lenders are often ill-equipped to truly assess the earning potential of a Barrister. Whether the lenders disregard the often steep increase in earnings at the start of a career, the aged debt or the fact that many Barristers are willing and able to work beyond the state retirement age. This one size fits all approach to underwriting can adversely affect the chances of a Barrister obtaining a prime interest rate from a High Street Bank or Building Society.

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Why choose Jordan Lynch?

At Jordan Lynch we have been arranging mortgages for Barristers since 2006 and now have a specialist team of advisors to provide a premium service to Barristers, QC’s and High Court Judges in a time efficient manner.

We have in-depth knowledge of a Barristers career progression and remuneration structure, which enables us to select the most suitable lender. We have found that Barristers often require a more bespoke mortgage arrangement that factors in their enhanced earnings potential and net worth. With our excellent lender contacts, we are confident we can find a solution that fits your circumstances.

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