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Buy-to-Let Mortgages

If you are looking to buy a residential property to rent out as an investment, you will need a buy-to-let mortgage. Such mortgages are routinely provided by the same Banks and Building Societies that provide residential mortgages, though for more complex proposals there are a number of specialist lenders that operate in this sector.

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The underwriting requirements differ from residential mortgages as aside from assessing a borrower’s personal circumstances the lender will also look at the income the property will generate as an investment.
At Jordan Lynch we have a dedicated team of buy-to-let mortgage advisors.

Whether you're a first-time landlord, an 'accidental' landlord, or an experienced investor we’ll consider all your requirements and arrange the most cost-effective mortgage available.

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I want to rent out my own home to tenants. Do I need a buy to let mortgage?

Do your homework

Before buying a new rental property, you should treat this as you would any important business decision and do some research. Think carefully about where to buy, who you want to rent to and what condition you want them to keep the property in. Consider the area you choose to buy in and research the local rental market to ensure there is a strong demand for your type of property and that the rent will cover your mortgage.

If you are planning to buy a property that needs a lot of improvements, make sure you can afford to pay the mortgage without a rental income for the period of time it will take to complete the work.

Other things to consider

Think about how your situation may change in the future. Perhaps you plan to move house within the next few years or will want to remortgage again. Look at the portability, flexibility and early repayment fees involved with your new mortgage to ensure you’re happy with the conditions.

Carefully consider the costs mentioned above and ensure you can afford them. If you are remortgaging to save money, it is advisable to factor in all the costs involved before deciding if it’s worth it. Jordan Lynch will provide clear details of all fees and repayments to help you with this decision.

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