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High-Value Mortgages

At Jordan Lynch, we’ve arranged countless High-Value mortgages since we were founded in 2006, and are now delighted to report that we set up a dedicated team of advisors providing a premium service in a diligent yet time efficient manner.

Our helpful guide will help you navigate the property market and secure a mortgage.

Our Dedicated Service for High-Value Mortgages

High-Value Mortgages

Navigating the high-value mortgage market requires expert help as most of the UK retail banks only offer loans up to a certain threshold on a tick box basis.

For loans above £1.0m lenders will generally have a specialist underwriting team, and it’s essential that applications are presented in a very precise and diligent manner.

This is where the expert team of high value mortgage experts at Jordan Lynch come in to their own as we have direct access to the key decision makers within all the UK High Street Banks, Private Banks, Building Societies and Specialist Lenders.

Why choose Jordan Lynch?

We offer a highly personal and discreet service and are experienced in acting for sophisticated clients who often have complex financial arrangements.

Our unrivalled contacts within the UK finance industry enables us to negotiate individual terms and create bespoke funding solutions.

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