Introduction to
Barrister Mortgages

Whether you have just completed your Pupillage, have one year’s accounts, or you are an experienced Barrister or QC, applying for a mortgage with a UK lender can be a frustrating process.

Our helpful guide will help you navigate the property market and secure a mortgage.

Our Dedicated Service for Barristers

Why Choose Jordan Lynch?

At Jordan Lynch we have been arranging mortgages for Barristers since 2006 and now have a specialist team of advisors to provide a premium service to Barristers, QC’s and High Court Judges in a time efficient manner.

We have in-depth knowledge of a Barristers career progression and remuneration structure, which enables us to select the most suitable lender. We have found that Barristers often require a more bespoke mortgage arrangement that factors in their enhanced earnings potential and net worth. With our excellent lender contacts, we are confident we can find a solution that fits your circumstances.

What do I need to evidence my income?

  • • Last two years tax calculations and tax year overviews.
  • • Last two years income & expenditure accounts.
  • • Three months personal bank statements.
  • • Occasionally a letter from your accountant or the clerk of the chambers will be required to provide a projection of the current year earnings.

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